The biggest parties in the neighborhoods of Barcelona

The biggest parties in the neighborhoods of Barcelona

If you come to Barcelona and are not aware of the pace of life in the quintessential party city in Spain you should know it as a first measure: it has a wide variety of events, clubs and emblematic bars of the city and still do not wait for them to be the only ones, not only it is the usual and well-known night festivities for those who visit it; It has cultural and native festivals where you can also participate, understand and be part of the culture: The Major Festivals of the neighborhoods of Barcelona.

To better understand these events you must understand that all of the 10 existing districts in the city, where the vast majority of them have their own major festival, that is, each neighborhood belonging these districts have their own party, therefore: in the city there are & neighborhood parties throughout all year round, where the number of events becomes countless, you will have the famous towers of castellers, family activities, an endless number of own and international gastronomic products, musical shows,concerts, Catalan traditions , among others, we hope that your stay if you are the soul of the party is in one of these neighborhoods since you will live the Catalan culture and international inclusive of Barcelona in flesh and blood; if so choose one of our special temporary rentals in Barcelona, ​​or if you come to a long season to soak up the Spanish / Catalan culture we will also have long-term rentals for you, what we care about is that you have a wonderful and unforgettable experience in Barcelona!

The main festivities (Las Festes Majors) is the perfect occasion to celebrate the Catalan traditions and the life of the neighborhood where they have grown up, that’s why the protagonists and organizers of this event are the neighbors from the neighborhood, where they join forces and decorate the neighborhoods with beautiful themes, invest in living a close and above all very loving experience for their neighborhood, at the same time, you will see that they prepare great presentations of castellers, sardanas , and retake many things that identify them in the Catalan culture, at the same time its main attraction are the amount of festivities and free events that take place in the street, where informality, tranquility and good energy represent these festivities, indifferent to the sector that you attend, as we mentioned previously, they have an almost annual duration, therefore we will show you by month the most recognized and famous festivals which you can attend to this month:


Fiesta del Raval 2019

Fiesta Mayor del Raval

In the middle of July and August, is celebrated in honor of the Virgin of Carmen , patron saint of the main parish of the district, the celebration of this celebration, curiously this year, it has been split in two, where for three days the weekend of July we lived a wonderful cultural enuentro, and in the first week of August we will live again, during 4 days its streets are full of an endless variety of food, activities, excellent energy and events around the culture, you can live the music, dances, children’s activities, popular meals, giants, devils, theaters, castellers, bastoners and sports competitions .

Fiesta Mayor del Poble Sec 2019
Fiesta Mayor del Poble Sec 2019

Fiesta Mayor del Poble Sec

Halfway through July the Poble Sec festivities arrive, a party with unmistakable flavor to the popular neighborhood, it is one of the most emblematic districts of the city, where the past evokes the industry, creativity and recursion of its inhabitants.


Fiesta de Sant Roc – Gothic Quarter

The parties of the Gothic quarter, known as the ‘Festes de Sant Roc’ (San Roque, in Spanish) apart from having been declared Patrimonial Festival of National Interest , Being the oldest parties in the city (more than 300 years in force), rescue and offer visitors of its festivals the spectacular landscape and famous architecture of the area.

Sants Montjuïcs Festival

Something that has always characterized them are their decorations and the fabulous contest around it, you will live a program rich in activities for all ages.

Fiesta Mayor de Gràcia 2019
Fiesta Mayor de Gràcia 2019

Fiesta Mayor de Gràcia

Although all parties are fundamental and important this year, we always remember the parties of Grácia with a special yearning , a neighborhood that evokes all the culture and beginnings of the Barcelona that all Catalans and foreigners seek to live, in it you will find first class decoration, food and drink on the street at affordable prices, together with everything that Catalan culture represents on a large scale.


Fiesta Mayor de Horta-Guinardó

If you want to live wonderful activities for the family, love for sports, concerts for all ages, dances and typical and international food parties Horta-Guinardó Mayor, you will have the popular culture of the neighborhood many musicians and graphic artists adorn the streets, along with the Catalan dances and customs.

Fiesta Mayor del Poblenou

Its streets and roads are famous in this beautiful neighborhood, the best: it is a neighborhood close to the beach, so if you stay in Barcelona in this district you will enjoy play and neighborhood experiences, what else can we ask for?

Festival of the Eixample Esquerre

Between the last days of September and the first days of October the Left of the Eixample dresses up as a party and is filled with events and celebrations. They emphasize the encounter of giants and big heads, dances, demonstrations of Catalan folk dances, a large correfoc, popular meals, concerts, talks, sports competitions, workshops, children’s entertainment shows, the traditional meeting of lace makers, etc.

Fiesta de La Mercé

In addition to the neighborhood parties, there is also the general party of the city of Barcelona and is called La Mercè, in it you will live wonderful experiences and one of the most traditional celebrations in Spain, there you will see stages called street arts, the best presentations , the lighting of the Cathedral of Barcelona and moments with the correfocs, emblematic in all the Major Festivals, but above all in the Mercè, music and for this year the invited city will be Beirut, will you stay at home? For more information on where to stay to enjoy this party, do not forget to choose your tranquility and faithful rest.


Greater Fiesta La Rambla

In the first fortnight of the month of the witches you can live in the emblematic Rambla the appearance of artists, human statues, dances, meals, contests, fairs, street markets and great icons of the gastronomic culture of Barcelona, ​​the perfect excuse to walk through them and bring you great joys.

 Festival of the Barceloneta

The Festival of Barceloneta is one of the most expected to be a few meters from the beach, is celebrated around the festivity of San Miguel, as the vast majority is organized by the Neighborhood Association and has a variety of activities such as Chocolatadas , sample of handicrafts, sung by habaneras, correfocs, butifarrada, fireworks, foam party, dances with the famous devils and parades with the giants Pep Barceló and María la Nieta.

Festival of Les Corts

The Fiesta Mayor de las Corts is celebrated the first half of October. The main festival gives us a very complete picture of the cultural and associative life of the neighborhood. The squares of Can Rosés, de la Concordia and Comas are the heart of the old nucleus and form the axis where much of the party takes place.

Festival of Sarrià

The festival of Sarrià is participatory and it involves many entities of the neighborhood, grouped in the shelter of the Festival Commission Roser de Sarrià. The neighbors, on a personal basis, also take part of it by decorating the balconies and facades or organizing the fraternity dinners that are held in many streets of the historic center.


Festival of the Sant Martí

Now it is the turn of the Sant Martí neighborhood. A colorful party is organized in the heart of your district. The festivities will take place in the Era de Can Planas, in the Fondal de la Verneday also in ‘L’espai La Gàbia’ in the Sant Martí park. The event is organized by the Coordinator VERN regrouping around fifty neighborhood associations.

For more information on festivities and celebrations in Barcelona, ​​visit the official pages of Barcelona City Council, schedule and enjoy the city of Barcelona in the best accommodations.

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