Barcelona is a real treasure about green spaces. Not to mention its rich cultural heritage, it is full of many assets including its large gardens. Alternating city and vegetation, the capital of Catalonia has more than one trick in its bag and offers surprises. Want to discover these nuggets of nature, we offer you 5places to have a picnic in Barcelona, go for a walk or play sports. With family, friends, lovers, you are all welcome and you can enjoy the mild temperatures of Barcelona throughout the year.

1. The labyrinth of Horta

El laberinto d’HortaHow about losing yourself in the labyrinth of Horta? It is located in a Park in the district of Horta – Guinardó, close to the Collserola mountain. With its 9 hectares, the garden consists of two completely opposite parts:

Rather romantic atmosphere, it is a first neoclassical garden that you can discover firstly. It consists of rather orderly vegetation, controlled, very fastidious and symmetrical with statues. The other garden is not quite the same but it has so much charm. It is composed of flower beds and two huge trees and flower beds. The atmosphere is a little more gloomy but it is not obvious to notice it. As for the labyrinth, it occupies only a tiny place in the garden. Find the exit is not complicated with its 4 outputs but free to you to venture there ! In the center, you will find a nice surprise, symbol of Greek mythology by Ariadna and Tesee. Let us go ? 😉

2. The park Ciutadella

The park Ciutadella is wonderful. It is located in the district of Ciutat Vella. It is a very crowded meeting place because many people come to walk around, enjoy the great outdoors. In addition, there is also a waterfall, old buildings that are very old (like the Parliament of Catalonia which was built between 1716 and 1748) There is also a lake where it is possible to ren a boat and go for a ride on the water. It is possible to visit the Barcelona Zoo, the Museum of Modern Art of Catalonia, the Museum of Geology, and you can even see the gigantic mammoth right behind the lake.

It is an ideal place where you can bring your picnic and you pose in front of the animations of week ends (for example concerts, festivals, festivals). You are sure to have a good time so what are you waiting for? If you do not know where to stay, we have apartments near Barcelona here  

Parque del centro del Poblenou


3. Barcelona Botanical Garden in Montjuic

Here, the Botanical Garden of Barcelona is located on the heights of Barcelona on the hill of Montjuic near the Espanyol stadium. The botanical garden of Montjuic is a must in Barcelona. It hosts more than 1300 plant species and come from different places in the world, always in cohesion with the Mediterranean climate. This garden has a specific goal: to protect and publicize collections of Mediterranean plant species all around the world.


4. The park of Espanya Industrial

Parque de la Ciudadela

Parque de la Ciudadela

Another style but with just as much elegance, here is the park of Espanya Industrial. You will find an iron dragon that houses a toboggan, is not it original? This name comes to the origin of the textil company created by the Montada family in 1847. It was the first cotton company in Spain. In addition, the park has facilities such as ping-pong tables, basketball baskets, children’s area, toilets and bar.

It is a great place to walk with the kids, have a drink, just relax. It is surrounded by many shops of all kinds, and right next to the Las Arenas shopping center and the Spanish Steps.


5. Park of the Poblenou Center

The park of the center of Poblenou is an architectural jewel. Created by the famous architect Jean Nouvel, we can notice that it is the green lung of the area of ​​the old industrial Poblenou. It is part of the green areas of the coast with direct access to the beach just located  at the end of the Olympic city, in this area is higlighted a lake and a large esplanade that allows you to play sports. Come admire the work of this artist and take a walk along the lake An enchanted place where you can do a lot of activities.

So, what do you think ? With its monuments, its hot temperatures all year long and its parks, Barcelona is a city where you can not get bored. You can go running along the lake in the center of Park Poblenou Center one day, then another wander through the labyrinth of Horta, to finish, visit the zoo of Barcelona. The huge advantage is that they are all centrally located, and all close to each other. In order to stay in the center of Barcelona, ​​take some time for yourself and relax in one of our apartments located in the center of Barcelona.

If you enjoyed your walks, discover the 5 things to do in Barcelona 

See you soon!

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