68th Old and Modern Occasion Book Fair in Barcelona.

68th Old and Modern Occasion Book Fair in Barcelona.

if you are a lover of good literature, the outdoors and want in your stay in Barcelona to know all the magic of Paseo de Gracia there is an unforgettable way: the 68th edition of the Old and Modern Occasion Book Fair, rest assured that! It is your place!

You will find books for all tastes and pockets, we recommend you to list your pocket if reading between the lines is your passion.

The Book Fair in Paseo de Gracia, was born as an initiative to encourage reading in the neighbors of the sector, which led to being today a cult and tradition event for the city of Barcelona, ​​in addition to that it has always had fame their handmade posters, characteristic for the graphic style of the artists: usually made by hand by the artists, in turn it is not only a book fair where to acquire literature.

It is a space for development and awareness with the literature that generates a host of the year and with it the leading country of the editions.

This year, the guest artist is Mar Arza, who with his critical and sensitive posture on the themes he narrates and builds, seeks to involve you in his effusivity of the story.

In addition, this year there will be two talks to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Manuel de Pedrolo and the 150th anniversary of the birth of Pompeu Fabra, two icons of the Catalan culture that marked the culture. Do you want to enjoy this intellectual party without worrying about where to rest? Don’t forget to manage your visit with experts!

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