Afro fashion will come to Barcelona in November

Afro fashion will come to Barcelona in November

Barcelona will experience The International Fashion and Design Week of Africa and the Afro Universe with Africa Fashion Week on November 10 and 11, 2018, with the presence and participation of ten (10) designers representing Africa; Opening doors to emerging designers and models of the community within the great path that the fashionista community requires. It is a great opportunity to make known in Spain the trends that surround Afro fashion, the colors, textures, joy that emanate from its culture and that seeks to be transmitted to an entire design atmosphere, recognition of haute couture and prêt- à-porter with fashion design, textile printing, accessories, jewelry, footwear, headgear, swimsuits; In addition, with the participation of Exhibitors, Sponsors, Volunteers, Buyers and Afromodelos.

The walkway will be named Mandela, thus honoring one of the greatest representatives of the African world (Nelson Mandela), thus seeking a 360º cultural appropriation by the attendees and in this way creating a positive cultural exchange between the capital of Catalonia and the African continent.

Prize: «PRIDE OF AFRICA» At the end of the event, the Pride of Africa will be honored to the designer Kwame Koranteng for his work and pride in the field of fashion. The #AFWB is the perfect opportunity in November for residents and visitors to learn more about the city of Barcelona with its great location, since you will have easy access to its gastronomy, representative architecture, its culture and incredible places of Barcelona; Among them, we suggest you visit by proximity The emblematic neighborhood of El Born, El Arco del Triunfo, the characteristic Paseo de Gracia that has been a source of inspiration for many designers for its exclusive paths to fashion, the park of La Ciudadela and finally the unforgettable tour a walk through Plaza Cataluña and its Ramblas features.

Enjoy this event comfortably from the facilities that we offer renting your apartment with Ghat Apartments; and allow yourself to rest peacefully at the hands of the best experts in real estate management. The event will take place at El Palace Hotel – Gran Lujo, on Gran Vía 668. The catwalk will begin on Saturday 10th from 6:00 p.m., we recommend that you arrive half an hour in advance in order to enjoy the whole event with peace of mind.

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