Barcelona for foodies

Barcelona for foodies

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One of the highlights of Barcelona is the quality of its gastronomic offer, known and awarded internationally. In general, local restaurants tend to have a type of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine, with different interpretations and formats, but also international, exotic and clearly experimental proposals. Before I start, I recommend a walk through the colorful and exuberant Mercat de La Boqueria, on the Ramblas, the equivalent of a cathedral for the foodie religion. Let’s go with some proposals:


Esmorzar de forquilla

Since we are in the Boqueria, we could start having breakfast in El Quim de la Boquería, a bar where you eat at the bar, standing or sitting on stools in the middle of the market bustle. The best way for a foodie to enter the world of tapas, which here serve with respect to tradition and original touches. Some examples: eggs with caramelized foie, rissoto de toro, tortillita de verduras (vegetable tortilla) and of course the classic patatas bravas.

A relatively unknown Catalan tradition is the esmorzar de forquilla (fork breakfast), made up of dishes that surpass in strength, elaboration and variety to the well known British Breakfast. A classic is the Hotel Europa, in the neighboring city of Granollers. Or, in Barcelona, the Gelida. Cap i pota, handles or pork cheeks, and a more than acceptable wine in bulk, in an atmosphere of people of the neighborhood and at a price of demolition. It is in the Eixample district, 133 de Diputación Street.

Typical black rice foodie

Typical black rice

For those determined to bet hard, we have Michelin starred restaurants. The Abac, of the well-known chef Jordi Cruz, has two and offers a very elaborate avant-garde cuisine at a price (nothing is perfect) of 175 euros the menu. The visit includes the chef’s personal greeting and a small tour of the facilities. As appropriate, the dishes have complicated names and elaborations to match, but the experience is fantastic. The Lasarte, run by Martín Berasategui and Paolo Casagrande at the stove: has three Michelin stars, a somewhat more traditional approach, but without giving up experimentation in terms of flavors and textures. Starting at 100 euros a la carte and the tasting menu consisting of appetizers, nine dishes and two desserts, 185 euros, wine pairing apart.

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But the good foodie knows very well that eating well does not necessarily mean paying much, so we can present more modest but equally rewarding proposals. For lovers of quality hamburgers the Kiosk, with three establishments in the city. In order to eat rice by the sea (for example, its paella or its typical Catalan black rice), L’Escamarlà, in the Olympic Village, right next to the more experimental Escribà, managed by internationally renowned pastry chefs. For varied and well-prepared sandwiches, the Vienna chain, with several establishments in the city.

And, as for typical Catalan food, we highlight dishes such as Rossini cannelloni, calçots, garoines (sea urchins from which only the reproductive organs are eaten), pa amb tomàquet (usually accompanied by ham and sausages), The resounding Escudella i carn d’olla, suquet de peix (fish stew and fish stew), the esqueixada (cold cod salad) and the typical Catalan cream, to discover by rummaging beneath a delicious layer of burnt sugar. Some of these dishes can be tasted at the Aránega, Avenida Paralelo 188, or in the classic Can Culleretes, at Calle Quintana, number 5.

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