Barcelona House of Art, Fashion & gastronomy.

Barcelona House of Art, Fashion & gastronomy.

Barcelona house of art fashion and gastronomy,  is internationally known as one of the most imposing cities in its perception and presentation of art, culture, food, and fashion; with surprising scenarios where we enjoy unique shows full of energy and visual magic and that in November is not the exception, we are living at this time several parties and moments around social rituals very important and striking, that is why we recommend some of the most important events with which we will close this November in Barcelona:

November 22nd.

Arte Povera with Germano Celant.
German Celant, Italian, critic and art historian, will be present at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, telling us about his art about Povera (as he baptized it) or poor art in Spanish, this curious name or aspect of the arts It originated in the 60’s with the use of objects or non-industrial materials or usual in the composition of art such as plants, canvas bags, fats, etc. These materials are valued mainly in their changes, since as they deteriorate, they transform the work and create in themselves an evolution of the materials, constantly generating a changing or evolved work, it is the ideal plan for all those who enjoy the knowledge of Celant, art and other curious who want to know the most influential contribution of Italian art to the international scene of the twentieth century, according to critics and experts on the evolution of art, you can also participate at the close of your conversation with the screening of the documentary «Intorno a Marisa», by Simona Confalonieri (2013).

Hour & place: 7:00 PM | MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona.
How to get there by public transport:
Getting to the museum is quite simple, we suggest you by metro: Arrive at Plaza Catalunya (lines L3, L6 and L7).

The Shopping NIGHT Barcelona.

As fashion always innovates, this time its biggest catwalk will be the same city, in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods for the gastronomic, fashion and musical sectors of the city such as Paseo de Gracia, the most glamorous showcase in Barcelona, where you can delight yourself with one of the highest and most creative bets offered in 2018, The shopping Night Barcelona, this event will try at the wonderful night with shops, restaurants, hotels, among others, to drive and enjoy the night with joy and thus give the locals and tourists an incredible memory accompanied by music in different scenarios, so for all passionate about fashion and surprises in this sector have a date with the city and Grace.

Hour & place: 7:00 PM | Passeig de Grácia 08007.
How to get there by public transport:
Along the Paseo de Gracia we have three metro stations: Plaza Catalunya (lines L1, L3, L6 and L7), Passeig de Gràcia (lines L2, L3 and L4) and Diagonal (lines L3, L5, L6 and L7) . At the corner of Passeig de Gràcia and Plaça de Catalunya we find a suburban train station (Rodalies de Catalunya) and another with Aragón street, a commuter train station and large lines. The avenue has many bicing bus stops and taxi avenue.

November 23rd.

Palo Alto – Poblenou Open Night.

The Palo Alto Foundation will be on Friday hand in hand with the design and creativity teaching activities that generate opportunities around sustainability, social and cultural action, one of the most surprising points and that will surely draw attention is the culinary workshop against waste food with chef Sergi de Meià, you can also learn about the circular economy, mobile photography one of the most innovative and facilitating images and advertising from our teams, among other topics of evolution that will complement you and help you have more tools in front of your market or business dream; So if you have doubts or problems in front of a social, professional or creative theme, it is your time to attend these workshops and very fresh and current exhibitions to always innovate in your sector.

Time & place: 7:00 PM | Carrer dels Pellaires, 30
How to get there by public transport:
You can attend the sample of palo alto by bus: Bac de Roda (Bus 7), Metro: Sagrera (L5), Selva de mar (L4).

November 24th.

We Draw – Market of Illustrators.

More than 20 local and international artists will be present in the city showing all their productions so that you can bring a piece of their art to your favorite places, do not forget that this artistic tour will take place in MOB BLN and that attendance is completely free, So come over on Saturday morning and start the day with inspiration, colors and lots of joy.

Time & place: 11:00 | MOB BLN Carrer Bailen 11

Nit de Tapes al Mercat de Lesseps.

The best combination: TAPAS & music, traditional of the capital of Catalonia will give you a night full of flavors, sensations and memories at a very low price in one of the most emblematic markets of the city. What do you expect to go for a walk in Verdi and enjoy the most remembered flavors of our city?

Time & place: 20:00 | Mercat de Lesseps

November 25th.

CreACTive Day Barcelona

The last Sunday of the month will have one of the most beautiful events where big and small are the protagonists, where all the arts will gather around yoga, culture, music, workshops for children, photography, cooking, among others. The ideal space for the whole family to find their passion and live a very pleasant time as a weekend.

Hour & place: 11:00 | Carrer de Blesa, 27

So this month’s closing does not miss the opportunity to live new scenarios offered by the city. to know her through her arts but above all to experience her as the city of wonder, do not you still have your apartment? We suggest some of the perfect properties to live all these events by clicking here!

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