Free tour in Barcelona

Free tour in Barcelona


Stay in holidays in Barcelona without great costs. You would like to visit and know all about the monuments and streets with a professional, but free? You can do it with the amazing free tour.

Barcelona is an amazing city. One of the most advised destinations for holidays for local and international tourists. The last year, Barcelona was the third touristic city most visited in Europe, after London and Paris, and twelfth over the world. Theses datas have been got on the Global Destination Cities Index.

All you need in your holidays, Barcelona has: beach, mountain, culture, green spaces, art, parties, cooking and more.  Barcelona has to teach you a lot of things, and if your stay is too short, the best is to find a guide to learn all the best directly. This is the best way to visit Barcelona without get lost in its streets. But you need the good person to tell you all the stories.

The idea of taking a guide is very good, but many people think that it is too expansive.  But we have what you need: a professional gratis.

Few years ago, with the sector of the economy, people want to find new ways to enjoy their trip without spending too much money. There is a way in Barcelona: free tour.

This Free tour is a new tendency since the XXI century. It exists in several cities. The tour proposes volunteers who show you the all city. They offer free tour with love, passion without thinking about money.

Several groups who organize these free tours said that “we love let the people know all of the places in a funny way. We think that this is the best way to teach them our passion, without the money barrier”

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SANDEMANs-New-EuropeThey are friendly young people, with charisma, languages studies, it’s a legal way.  They have something in common with their customers because they love travel, and they know the situation of a lost tourist in a big city, they lived the same experience.  So you can trust in them.

You can ask their services. You just have to book the tour in their website. Don’t worry about money, it is totally free. The process to book a tour is easy. You could enjoy the best places of the city, the history of Barcelona, the Catalan culture

Una pareja de turistas ojean el mapa del metro de Barcelona.You will choose what places you want to see, the tour can take between 1 hour and 3. It’s up to you. You could find easily the people in charge of the tour, because they wear tee shirt with the name of the company «SANDERMANs NEW EUROPE« or “Runner Bean Tour«. Othre good free tour companie is Free Walking Tour.

There is only one restriction: the entrance of several museums and goods of culture. Only the people with accreditation can have entry. Because they feel that the free tour is a threat. Don’t be afraid, we have mentioned that the development of the free tour is completely legal.


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