Hotel Tapa Tour 2019

Hotel Tapa Tour 2019

Hotel Tapa Tour 2019, festival of the most emblematic hotels of Barcelona and Madrid. During a month from May 1 to 31 in the cities, the hotels establish a less formal format because citizens can come from midday to luxury hotels to enjoy this delicious plan, provided you have a clear idea of ​​where to stay in Barcelona .

The motto of Hotel Tapa Tour 2019 for this year is «Think global, eat local» that is to invite all people to eat better and to be interested in the products of the earth all that in excellence.

In addition, the hotels offer a wide variety of products from vegan tapas and mocktails, also the «classic» tapa.

The Hotel Tapa tour is divided into 6 routes:

  • Route of Eixample Dret
  • Route of Eixample Esquerre
  • Route of Santa Caterina
  • Route of Barri Gotic
  • Route of the PobleNou
  • Route Lescorts

The hotels that participate in the contest establish a consumption value, the price ranges from 7.50 euros to 8 euros, for a classic tapa with wine and for a vegan tapa with a mocktail.

Hotel Tapa Tour 2019

Hotel Tapa Tour 2019

On the route of Eixample Dret there are four places to eat tapas.

  • At the Goja Rooftop Experience and Rumbo Bar & Eatery, chef Omar Gallego cooks local and seasonal foods that offer a variety of tapas for all people.
  • At the Jardin Diana & Wnter Garden Restaurant, chef Antonio Álvarez Pastor cooks gourmet products with local flavors and appellation of origin. The chef combines innovation and tradition.
  • At the Kao Bar, the chef is Daniel Hernández. The ambience of the bar is inspired by the fashionable places of London and Shanghai.
  • At the Somni Restaurant & Cocktail, chef Miguel Muñoz cooks fresh local products.

On the Eixample Esquerre route there are 3 places to eat tapas.

  • At the Hallo Cocktail Bar and Terraza Verbena, the chef Gabriele Milani cooks fresh products of the highest quality.
  • In the Sintonía, the chef Pablo Tomas cooks a selection of the best products.
  • In the Tablafina, the chef Alex Cobles refers the quality of the products.
Hotel Tapa Tour 2019

Hotel Tapa Tour 2019

On the route of Santa Caterina there are 3 places to eat tapas.

  • At the Veraz Bar, chef Sebastián Mazzola cooks fresh and seasonal ingredients to make creative and honest cuisine.
  • In the MEZZA, the team cooks dishes prepared from fresh and seasonal products.
  • In the Negresco Restaurant, chef Jon García predicts a market cuisine with seasonal, next and fair trade products. The chef puts to the honor the Mediterranean diet and the Catalan gastronomy.

On the Barri Gotic route there are 3 places to eat tapas.

  • In La Terrassa del Duchessa, chef Judit Vall-Llosada cooks seasonal products.
  • At Le Bouchon, Chef Xavier Lahuerta cooks very Spanish dishes.
  • At Rooftop El Sueño, chef Marc Gascons cooks products marked with a Catalan and Mediterranean accent.

On the route of PobleNou there are 4 places to eat tapas.

  • In El Voladís, chef Isaac Casillas cooks Japanese dishes fused with the most avant-garde cuisine.
  • At Lo Restaurant, chef Jaume Beltran makes Mediterranean cuisine prepared with seasonal and local products.
  • In Merkado, the chef Juan Manuel Ortega makes a traditional cuisine based on local and seasonal products.
  • At The Gym Bar, chef Perdo Montolio cooks Mediterranean dishes.


Hotel Tapa Tour 2019

Hotel Tapa Tour 2019

On the route of Les Corts there is 1 place to eat tapas.

  • In B-24, the chef Claudio Aguirre makes a cuisine that is based on elegant and comfortable gastronomy with products of proximity and the reinvented classics.

The «Hotel Tapa Tour» is an initiative in which many luxury hotels in the city participate and offer designer tapas, they are true gastronomic gems. The chefs of the hotels transform the elements of the Spanish culture into extraordinary tapas. This year the initiative focuses on local products.

Making the Hotel Tapa Tour is a good way to enter the world of luxury for a month and discover the haute cuisine of Spain.

At the end of the Hotel Tapa Tour, prizes are distributed to hotels such as the top of the sea, land cover that was valued by the public, to make your stay more peaceful, do not forget to contact us.

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