Magic places of Catalonia

Magic places of Catalonia

Today on the National Day of Catalonia, (La diada en Catalán), what better way to love it than to show you some of its jewels to enjoy today? So open the map and escape to some of the incredible corners of Catalonia!

1. Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici, Lleida

Lleida (or Lérida in Spanish), is one of the oldest cities in Catalonia, one of the favorites and with much to offer in this season that begins in autumn, offers us the only national park in Catalonia: Parc Nacional d’Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici, rich in green flora and fauna, hits us from the outset with beautiful landscapes bathed by glacial lakes and rock beds such as Els Encantats, so your looking to escape to Lleida and enjoy an adventure full of hiking, camping and wealth green This is your place!

2. Girona

Girona, the city that fell in love with millions of artists and inspired great works such as Salvador Dalí’s, is a mirror city that can be appreciated in double when seeing the Onyar river that shows it, it is a real pleasure to visit it, for the wealth of its culture and its particular medieval architecture.

3. Delta del Ebro

The perfect destination for those looking to disconnect from the usual tension, invites us to the landscape first: to carry the mobile well charged! It is possible that so many photographs of these beautiful landscapes and beaches drain us the battery and between the walks on the Island of Buda, a boat ride or cycling there will not give us time to think about technology.

4. Fageda d’en Jordà

Or the Hayedo de Jordá in Spanish, is a stunning and unique Nature Reserve in Spain, as it grows dramatically from dry lava from the Croscat volcano, at an altitude between 550 and 650 m, with more than 4.5 km long, it is full of prominences typical of lava that can reach more than 20 m high, with the local name of tossols.

Joan Maragall made this destination famous with his poem: «La fageda d’en Jordà», you will see that in the park a monolith rises in his honor. You must remember that for the preservation of the forest the use of motor vehicles is prohibited but there are options such as hiking through the park or renting a horse or an old horse-drawn carriage, as if you were traveling in time!

5. Montserrat massif

And if you wanted to fill your memories with icons of Catalonia, nothing better than visiting one of the Incredible Corners of Catalonia, an iconic icon of the Catalan territory throughout the heart: The Mountain or Massif of Montserrat, which you can appreciate miles away.

One of the destinations most desired by fans of hiking and climbers, (a curious fact to understand: Montserrat literally means “mountain serrated” in Catalan), Montserrat is also a destination for the most devout, who go to the monastery on the mountain for its known legends, if you want to visit it remember that you can access through the cable car or the funicular and then explore its paths at your leisure while admiring the spectacular landscape.


6. Tarragona

If you want to live in places with natural beauty, history and ruins, you can do it without leaving Catalonia!

Tarragona is a city made heritage, monuments and spaces that evoke and transport us to Roman, medieval, modern and modernist times; It allows us to visit the Amphitheater like the ancient Colosseum in Rome, the imperial forum, or see the Roman columns, get closer to the highest part of the city and visit the Cathedral, enter the ancient Roman circuses or see the beautiful views from El Balcón From the Mediterranean, there are so many unforgettable plans that you can live there that it is time to take your bags and not miss it.

7. Núria Valley

This beautiful destination is the ideal place for nature lovers and those who practice mountain sports or want to reconnect with nature, you can enjoy it at any time of the year, enjoy the landscape that in any season gives us some particularity, beautiful lakes, tracks of incredible skiing and routes in the Pyrenees.

Are we going to get lost in the nature of the Núria Valley?

8. Sitges

Worshiped by all Barcelonans, Sitges is one of the destinations where modernity and tradition are one. Enjoy beautiful landscapes, infarct beaches and modernist heritage in the Cau Ferrat Museum or Palau de Maricel or enjoy the beach of Sant Sebastià or simply its constant good weather. We know that there are so many fun and enjoyable things that Sitges offers, that you will not want to return home, do not forget to enjoy your stay in Sitges with joy.

9. Barcelona

The diverse Catalan capital, the city of nuances and mixtures, of the avant-garde, modern or ancient, falls in love with just stepping on it and we recommend you before setting up plans to know where you want to stay, since Barcelona is a city recognized for having to walk it to appreciate.

Catalonia is a land full of secret and incredible places to discover, happy September 11!

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