Plans for the Midsummer in Barcelona

Plans for the Midsummer in Barcelona

All the information you need to know to enjoy an unforgettable night of Midsummer in Barcelona. The open-air dance, bonfires, traditions and the route of the Flame of Canigó in this 2015. 

Noche de San Juan Barcelona

One more year, we approach the summer solstice, the St John’s Night, of the witches, of the tradition. The longest night of the year. Night of dreams, of desires, of fire, has come; the open-air dance of St John’s Night. This article is for those who wash his face at midnight, for those who bewitch an impossible beloved, for the brave who jumping over fire, for the Catholics who celebrating that John the Baptist has come and for all others; because the magic is not the privilege of a few. We are writing to you to accompany them on the night of witches and recommend the best parties in the capital reference in an open-air dance: Barcelona.

Correfocs tradición San Joan BarcelonaNoche de San Juan Barcelona playa

One of the most deeply rooted to the Midsummer traditions in Catalonia are the Correfocs.

According to tradition, every June 23, Barcelona change their clothes for let go by the sound of drums, bonfires, at the foot of the beaches. The reason of why, there are a lot of explanations: some celebrate the arrival of summer, others use fire to drive away evil spirits, for wishes … or simply because it’s a party night and if something has always characterized us is the fun of our festivals.


If you want to see the party at best apogee, we recommend you to come to the open-air dance of the neighbourhoods, where you can enjoy the music and bonfires in a fun family atmosphere. Without forgetting that this place it’s the ideal to try the famous Cokes de Midsummer, made place for everyone: marzipan, cream, greaves …But, Remember!! It’s the night of the fire! Keep in mind, from the beginning to end of Barcelona, you can find firecrackers and fireworks.

If you have decided don’t go to the coast, although as you will see next, it’s hard to resist, you can also approach to see the Flame of Canigó. The tradition dates from 1955, year in which Francesc Pujada decided to light fires on the top of the mountain the Midsummer and to spread out it around the neighbouring villages; all it inspired by the poem, that Verdaguer dedicated to the mass. It is a solemn fact to spend an exciting time.

Bany de Sant Joan, salut per tot l’any (Dip of Midsummer, health for all year)

Noche de San Juan Barcelona playa

Uno de los planes preferidos por los extranjeros y turistas es pasar la Noche de San Juan en alguna playa barcelonesa.

The next plan we are proposing is to go to the beach, where you will find a festive and friendly atmosphere surrounded by fireworks.The most baths recurrents are often of Castedefells and Barceloneta, but also the Bogatell and Mar Bella; although you will find parties from beginning to end of the Catalan coasts. It also coincides with the festival of the Marina del Port, if you feel like a night full of life. The funny of this tradition, that has been winning affection year after year, is waiting for the sunrise of Midsummer at the beach after a swim, maybe it comes from the old Catalan saying «Bany de Sant Joan, salut per tot l’any» (Dip Midsummer, health all year). They say a dip in St John’s not only relieves the evils of body and soul, but also cleans the sins.

In the variety of beach whitch visit, there are one beach a further from Barcelona who highly recommend: Sitges. In this unique seaside village, that preserve a historical past, while becoming one of the most modern towns, which is characterized, you will find from open-air dance to beach to parties in the most diverse places. Also coincides with the celebrations of Poble Sec, so you can even enjoy Havana.

[vimeo 68146642 w=500 h=288] If, however, they prefer the most exclusive environments or indoors we recommend private parties or clubs; not only the streets and beaches dress party on the Midsummer. One key is Room Apolo, where you can enjoy alternative music. Razzmatazz is also, for those who prefer pop and electro. If none of the options is to your liking you can check the schedule for the Sidecar or Opium rooms, among others.

Another alternative for tonight is to go to the festival of Sant Joan Zingaro, where you can enjoy Brazilian and Colombian musical style that bring the DJ Metralleta, the Chontadura group and the DJ Timber. You can go to a particular night in a private penthouse in Raval, which you can access if you sign up for the guest list. The open-air dance will be full of life by a different way, which will not be short of the food, drink and a great atmosphere thanks to Upperground Bcn. On this terrace, pagan revolution will begin to the 22 hours, at Joaquim Costa, number 24.

We hope that our advice has been useful and that they are prepared to live one of the best parties of the year, the most magical night in Barcelona, and every June 23 write the name of our city in their agendas. After all we can only wish them a great Midsummer.

Rosemary for everyone at the party hosting the Flame of Canigó

Varios niños llevan la Flama del Canigó al Parlament de Cataluña en el San Juan del 2013

The children carry the Flame of Canigó to the Parliament of Catalonia in the Midsummer at 2013

The Flame of Canigó fade: throughout the year flames in the museum Casa Pairal Perpignan until every June 22, moves to the top of Canigó. At midnight, the Flame starts its route to light the fires of Sant John in hundreds of towns.

Barcelona City Council will award the participant of the Flame of Canigó in the Plaza de Sant Jaume with a rosemary plant. Addition of fire and water, plants-the rosemary, thyme, fennel, fern, mint …- are an essential element in the night of Sant John. And they are from the pre-Christian era. There are many legends whose protagonists the plants and the Midsummer. And this partie takes place at a time of splendor of nature.

12.30h RECEPTION OF THE FLAME, in the Parlamient of Catalonia (Parque de la Ciutadella).

17.00h HOME ACT, informative by VilaWeb with the participation of Albert Estengre (story) and Ulldistret (paints). Acts of Enric Montsant i l’Orquestrina de l’Encant.


18.30h ARRIVAL OF THE FLAME TO SQUARE SANT JAUME  Interpretation of «Muntanyes del Canigó».

Welcome and escort the Flame by the Giants and the Eagle City of Barcelona, who will dance. Pot lit, read the message and parliaments. Interpretation of the national anthem of Catalonia, «Els Segadors».

At the end of the party, the flame will start a tour of the neighbourhoods of the city to light the bonfires.


Encuentra tu piso en San Juan Barcelona




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