Poble Sec, a particular neighborhood of Barcelona

Poble Sec, a particular neighborhood of Barcelona

Poble Sec is a neighborhood with a rather special character, very different from the rest of Barcelona.

The streets of Blai and Plaza Del Sortidor are the main streets, where you can find many bars and spectacular restaurants. In addition, it is next to the Paral·lel Avenue and Montjuic, two areas with lots of life and where you will find monuments and museums that you should definitely visit.


By Julia Moreno / Translated by Cynthia Lalao Samuel

poble sec 1As a matter of fact, this is a neighborhood that belongs to the district of Sants-Montjuic, bounded by the Paralel Avenue the montagne of Montjuic, the passage of Josep Carner, and the west side by the street of Lleida. The expansion of the city, which is now located in the center of Barcelona, which was previously Poble Sec, until Ildefonso devise the Cerda Plan, declaring the launch of the urban reform of Barcelona in 1859. In this way, we forgot the idea of converting the space through the expansion, leaving room for the birth of a new grid area, which is divided today as the Esquerra Eixample and Dreta (left and right in english).


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Poble Sec is a quiet residential area. A district of workers, industrial, multicultural and popular. It is slightly detached from the city center, but you can get there in 20 min walk, or if not you can always use public transportation. There are many combinations to get there quickly to any point of Barcelona. It is a well connected area, or even to go out into the town, since you have the Ronda coast next.


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poble sec 2El Prat Airport 15 minute driving without traffic or 40 minutes by Aerobus

Sants Station: 15 minutes by public transport

Plaza Catalunya: 15 minutes by public transport

Sagrada Familia: 20 minutes by public transportation

In its streets you can find a variety of cultural entertainment and good restaurants. If we focus on the food, we can talk about the Lleida street, one of the boundaries of the district. In the latter, you can enjoy a good variety of dishes prepared by Cañota, Rias de Galicia, Paktia and Camarote de Tomas. Four bars – Restaurants that will serve you and assist you in the most kind and nice way.

However, if you do not really hungry, and you want to relax with a beer or a glass of wine in hand, we highly recommend the terraces Dubar Seco (Pg.de Montjuic,74), the picturesque Gran Bodega Salto (Street Blesa,36), La Tieta (Blai Street, 1), Lia to Vicius (Blai Street, 28), Barramon (Street Blai,30), or Taverna Blai Tonight (Blai Street, 3). Especially since you have Quimet i Quimet bar (Street Poeta Cabanyes,25), where you will be served delicious and original tapas, developed by the fourth generation of the family that occupies for years and years this famous bar . As you have probably noticed, the street Blai is a street that has more life in the neighborhood. Another artery notoriety is the Plaza Del Sortidor in which previousl y Joan Manuel Serrat was delight people with his music, and which today is the Civic Centre, which gives the area  movement and life, with lots of activities for all ages.

poble sec 3After taking a pot, we often want a good atmosphere, music, and for this there is no better than go out partying in the Bar Lounge maumau (Fontrodona, 35), the Sala Plataforma (Carrernou de la rambla, 145), or in the Sala Apolo (Callenou de la rambla, 113). Mondays, generally, the festival is organized there «Anti-Karaoke» and later celebrated the nights of «CrappyTuesdaysIn Apolo, you can enjoy great concerts of all types of music. To know the program and buy tickets in advance, you should enter the site, and at the same time, you will be on the «actual musical panorama».

Poble Sec is a neighborhood that does not identify much with the historical-architectural line of Barcelona, but it also hides great treasures with which it surely will surprise you. Its proximity to Montjuic and Plaza España you will facilitate access to monuments such as La Fuente Magica, broad and relaxing passages through the gardens of Larival. You can also visit el parque de las tres Chimeneas in which skaters and graphic artists make their own space. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the performances offered by theaters, the best known of them: El Molino, El Condal, El Victoria and El Teatre Grec

If you want to live the history, recreate as it was lived during the Civil War, try to make a small jump by Refugi 307, by booking your entry to mubah. Refugi 307 is an air raid shelter, a 1,400 that existed in Barcelona during this time, and that served to protect the people of the bombers. This is one of those places that make you travel through time and you relive the experience that Barcelona lived in these underground tunnels of 2.10 meters high, 1.5 or 2 width, which prolonged by about 400 meters to give the three unique outputs outside, one of them being the Nou de la Rambla. And if that was not enough, so that you feel close and you have every detail of what life was like at the time, you can attend theater that will teach you what the Civil War and how  actually survived the families in the neighborhood .

poble sec 4Close to the area and only a few minutes walk, you will find El Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña (MNAC) and also the Poble Español, two places to get your dose of culture. It will happen to you even if you approach the Sant Antoni area and visiting its incredible market, which has its own history and an essential spice. Its architecture, its dimensions and its all in general emit incredible beauty. Today, it is the work of maintenance and reform, but in terms of market activity, it is still active, right next door. Motivate yourself and try to take a walk, this is unquestionably a unique place where you can find everything, especially kiosks books and antiques collectibles.

poble sec 5The Poble Sec neighborhood has great charm. Lose yourself one day in its streets, go into the streets of Lleida for tapas and beer, make a small detour to Montjuic and Plaza España, relax in its parks to complete in the harbor area, and after  if you wish, of course, you take the opportunity to know the center of the city.

Let yourself be driven by the brand paths through the streets of the city , to discover new gems of Barcelona.


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