Runway 080 Barcelona Fashion

Runway 080 Barcelona Fashion

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Under the theme «Undress your mind«, you will arrive in the city The 080 Barcelona Fashion, delivering its 23rd edition to the capital of Catalan fashion, will have four days of agenda and will be held at the Sant Pau Modernist Site from 4 to 8 of February, (Suggested link: Where can I alojated in Barcelona for the 080  fashion?), there will be appointment designers, entrepreneurs, models, alternative DJ’s among others, to create and live under the theme of this year’s theme; freedom and expression through art, music, and fashion will be the protagonists and representatives in all creations that attendees can see and enjoy.

But, what to expect from 080 Barcelona Fashion?

Music, Fashion, photography in one place ¡Reserve your home!

It will feature 24 designers in fashion brands such as footwear, hats, jewelry and textiles which highlight the names of companies and designers such as Ana Cortina, Esau Yor, Antonio Miro, Oscarleon, among others, samples of the best student projects of schools such as Escola de la Dona i Idep Barcelona-Escola Superior de Imatge i Disseny y Felicidad Duce-Escola Superior de Disseny de Moda by LCI Barcelona, shows photographic and awards at the end of the day as the National Award of the Generalitat de Catalunya to Emerging Design 080 Barcelona Fashion, and the National Award of the Generalitat de Catalunya for the Best Collection 080 Barcelona Fashion.

With this, it is planned to bring together not only the Catalan and European market, but, to give place to the world in Barcelona, will be attended by representatives from Africa, Colombia, Denmark, among others, through this fashionista mix up and open borders of both haute couture and the perception of fashion, body and needs that arise over the years and that must go hand in hand with the ideas of construction and use to create innovative options that rely on this scenario of haute couture, and thus, be part of this party of style.

If you want to attend, get your free ticket here and check the schedule with the 080 Barcelona Fashion. See you on the runway!



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