The beaches in Sitges l Summer 2019

The beaches in Sitges l Summer 2019

The beauty of the municipality of Sitges has no limits, but if you want to enjoy its specialty Ghat Apartments brings to you the list of beaches in Sitges for this Summer 2019, in general there are 17 beaches on the coast: all these beaches have their own identity and environment, depending on what you are looking for and also with whom you are accompanied, you will find the one that best suits your taste and need: There are beaches for families, for nature lovers, gay beaches and for everyone. The beaches of Sitges are very own and famous for their friendly atmosphere.

Logically, the more you find yourself near the center of the city you will find more people at the most distant from the downtown area, so know the beaches but if you want to find a bit of space away from the heart of this beautiful town.

To understand this order and take advantage of the time of your stay in Sitges, the beaches of Sitges are divided into 3 zones and in this way you can optimize your time there and discover many more things to do in Sitges:

The beaches in Sitges l Summer 2019

Central zone:

Beach of San Sebastian
The beach of San Sebastian is located east of the church of Sitges. It is not the biggest but it is a nicer place.

Beach of the Anquines
Anquines beach is the most to the west, it is the ideal place to be away from everything. This beach is ideal for children with its calm waters.

Beach of the Frigate
The beach is located below the church, is one of the beach more in the center of the city. On this beach it is possible to play sports on the water.

Beach of the Ribera
La Ribera beach is a large beach, near the center.
Terramar Beach
The beach of Terramar is a beautiful beach, a little distant from the center.
Beach of the Barra
The beach of La Barra is a beach in a small stream, with calm water.

Beach of the Riera Xica
The beach of the Riera Xica is with a long and narrow strip of sand.

Beach of l’Estanyol
The beach of l’Estanyol is a long beach, which is adapted all over the world.

Beach of the Bassa Rodona

The beach of Bassa Rodona is the beach of gays, this beach is in the center.
Balmins Beach
The beach of Balmins is 15 minutes from the church, in the beach there are no buildings but there are mountains, this beach is a naturist beach.

Beach d’Aiguadolç
The Aiguadolç beach is behind the pleasure port, it is a family beach.

East zone:

Garraf beach
The beach of Garraf is located in Garraf village, it is a very nice and quiet place, in this beach there are small houses of white and green beaches of the 20s.

Beach Botigues
The beach les Botigues is a very large beach with access for people with disabilities.

Cala Ginesta
Cala Ginesta is the most difficult beach to access, to go to this beach it is necessary to go through the pleasure.

Cala Morisca
Cala Morisca is a small nudist beach, this beach is only accessible with cars.

The beaches in Sitges l Summer 2019

West Zone:
Beach of l’Home Mort

Playa de l’Home Mort is a small nudist beach, this beach is not a beach with sand but it is a pebble beach.

Desenrocada Beach
Desenrocada Beach is a small nudist beach with pebbles.

All the beaches are perfect to go with my family or friends. These beaches are for everyone and they adapt to all styles of people.

To stay in Sitges, take some time and relax in one of our apartments located in Sitges.


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