The best beaches of Barcelona and Catalan coast!

The best beaches of Barcelona and Catalan coast!

The Catalan coast has a total of 700 kilometers, of which 340 are beaches. Barcelona and its surroundings offer you the best beaches of the Mediterranean. From the Costa Brava, to the Gold Coast, through the Maresme and Garraf, you can enjoy beaches and idyllic coves.

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Ana Cuchillo y Julia Moreno| For lovers of sun and sea who are thinking of going to a sandy area or lost throughout Catalonia, we remind and explain that this community divided its coastline in four coasts: the Costa Brava (Girona), Costa del Maresme (Barcelona), the Costa del Garraf (Barcelona) and the Costa Dorada (Tarragona). All have magnificent beaches and it is difficult to decide where to go. So from Ghat Apartments we provide work, with a selection of the most famous beaches, which everyone should have walked once in his life as a Barcelona summer.


Ocata Beach, in Masnou (Coust of Maresme).

Finally, after a long winter of work (and we hope for the reader, in this day and also at summer) has come sun and time of peace and relaxing that we were expecting son long. As we all know Barcelona is full of wonderful beaches where lost, far from the madding crowd; wonderful places where the calm recovers its sense; but … how do you choose between so great variety?

The first beach that we recommend is Ocata, located in the Masnou and belonging to what is considered the Costa del Maresme. This is an urban beach, so it’s a family place to enjoy the tranquillity of the summer; especially if you are traveling with children or want them to approach the local coastal culture. It is famous for its nautical and sailing club, if you feel like practicing sports fun.

If we continue on the north, we go over to Brava Coast from the Costa Maresme, which is for excellence the caribbean catalan. Its beaches and coves are the most envied. They make it special is a crystal clear waters, soft sand, and so they are maintained. But of them all, there is always a list of the best and you have to go yes or yes, even to take a dip and take good memories of the coast of Girona.


Aiguablava Cove, with crystal water. The Costa Brava.

Among those peculiar sandy we are the cove Aiguablava, in Begur (Girona). It is one of the most famous and so popular on the Costa Brava. What makes it so unique is its clear water and golden sand. A paradise with easy access and with all services at your availability – showers, surveillance, access ramps for the disabled, parking, a snack bar and several restaurants-.
Aiguablava cove is located in a beautiful natural setting; It is the latest South Begur coast, and comes with surprise. Hidden in a rocky sticking out on the right side, completely surrounded by pine trees, the Parador de Aiguablava. And at the other end, you can find other beaches and coves such as Port d’Esclanyà, Punta des Pi, Malaret beach in Port de Ses Orats and Cape Ruby, behind which lies the beach Fonda.
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Another place that you should go to is Cala Sa Futadera, in Tossa de Mar. Who would not want to miss out on a pristine beach with crystalline waters on the Costa Brava? This wonderful location offers excellent views and an unbeatable calm but it has a small disadvantage: it is known as the cove of 300 steps, so better to pass to the next option if you go with children or disabled.


Aigua Xelida Cove is a natural environment. Its access has to be on foot or by boat.

Aiga Creek Xelida Tamariu (Girona), is perfect for those who like quiet and remote places natural environment. Aiga Xelida is a sandbank of 25 meters, which must be reached on foot or by boat, so it is perfect for hikers. The fact that access has to walk about a one kilometer and a half, has become a little crowded beach. It is a walk that it’s worth because once there you can enjoy incredible clear water and feel like in a small paradise full of serenity.

In this selection could not miss in any way Sitges, one of the most magical and wonderful coastal towns of Catalonia. The beach that we recommend in this case is San Sebastian also has disabled access. Its waters are calm, making it a good place to go with children; although it is not a remote area. Its charm attracts hundreds of tourists every year, as it has the peculiarity of being next to the old town. Very close to the San Sebastian beach you can find the Cala Morisca, which should be chosen, you take pleasure in environment half-nudist and very healthy, with you find people of all kinds. It is the ideal place if you do not have prejudices and simply want to enjoy the beach.
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The fourth recommendation that we make in this top beaches is to Vilassar de Mar on the Costa del Maresme. It is a quiet beach where you rub shoulders with the locals, because although it is a reference point is not as busy as others. It is the right beach for those who like surfing and know how to practice it, because it is not a haven of calm waters. If the case can check the status of the sea on the link below Vilassar Surf.


The Barceloneta is a urban beach. Great ubication, close to a lot of restaurants and conect with the metro.

If you prefer not to leave the city we recommend the beach of Barceloneta, in the seaside neighborhood of Ciutat Vella. It is not the first time that we say it, well we did in the article: Things to Do in Barcelona in three days. It is because it is a busy place where you will find a wide variety of environments and people in the same space. Also, being in the city, you will find both tourists and locals in a friendly and fun environment. If you are interested also it offers tennis game, like volleyball, for those who want to have fun playing sports.

If you prefer other crowded beach near Barcelona we propose Castelldefels, where you can practice water sports or enjoy a relaxed day. It also has a playground and the waters are not very deep and it is the most suitable for children. Although it is a busy place it is wide enough for comfort.
The next beach we have to emphasize is that of Tamarit, on the Costa Dorada, Tarragona. Here you can enjoy the tranquillity overlooking the medieval castle of the town, which makes it a unique place. You can play sports, practice on your nautical club and attend shows with the little ones. It is the ideal place for a quiet family vacation beach.


Tamarit Beach is famous by the castle what there is it the right side. In the other side of the castle there is a beautiful cove.

The next beach that we recommend is San Pol de Mar. It is an urban beach, but she can find a variety of environments, including a nudist area. It is the busiest places on the Catalan coast and would have deserved it; so if you want to go to the north this is your beach. Although not the only one. The Cala Montjoi in Rosas (Costa Brava), is within the natural park of Cap de Creus. A beach that offers breathtaking views as well as being a peaceful place. Imagine how wonderful it is, that was the place chosen to install the Boulli Foundation.

Another option is to drop by Sa Tuna Begur, a cove located in a seaside district of the same name. A corner where you will enjoy a quiet family atmosphere, surrounded by houses fisherman origin where holidaymakers now stay. You may even find today on the edge of the Cala Sa Tuna some small and classic boat.

After mentioning the best beaches, sure some I already sounded, we are going to let a reference to other beaches on the Catalan coast, although not as well known have been awarded blue flag, so we assure you that you can enjoy all including water quality, sand, service have grown rich landscape. Some even are urban and have more transportation facilities and services. With this list you can also make a selection own based on your interests as you location.


Coma Ruga Beach, in the village of Vendrell (Tarragona).

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