The best brunches of Barcelona

The best brunches of Barcelona

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The brunch of Travel & Cake

Travel and Cake - ghat apartments

Travel and Cake – ghat apartments

Travel and Cake proposes a concept which will delight all the amateurs of brunch! The natural wood and the pastel tones of its decoration makes it a perfect place to awake. Its prices are ultra-competitive, the portions are generous and its menu is original! You can even taste its brunches all week long because it is opened 7 days a week!

Where: Carrer del Rosselló 189, 08036 Barcelona
When: From Monday till Sunday
Schedules: Every day from 9 am till 8 pm
Price: Between 15 and 20€
Contact: 34 933 02 84 06




The brunch of Milk Bar

Milk Bar - ghat apartments

Milk Bar – ghat apartments

Here is the brunch which is going to make you dance the twist! On a musical air from the years 50/60 and with its flowery tapestry, Milk Bar proposes a brunch of the «most British». Comfortably sat on its sofas, you will have all the time to scrutinize walls decorated from everywhere with «vintage» photos in the eccentric frames! On the menu you will find the classic British (pancakes, haricot beans and eggs Benedict) but also huge salads or hamburgers. This brunch being very well referenced in the English-speaking guides and the press! Moreover, the menu is varied, the prices are reasonable and the fresh smoothies will wake your papillae!

Where: Carrer d’En Gignas 21, 08002 Barcelona
When: From Monday till Sunday
Schedules: Every day from 9 am till 02 am
Price: Between 15 and 20€
Contact: 34 932 68 09 22

The brunch of Can Dende

Can Dende - ghat apartments

Can Dende – ghat apartments

Opened recently, these small premises are the new fashionable address of Poblenou. Can Dendê becomes integrated well into this district formerly industrial. Very well decorated with rough materials as corten metal, wood or stone to create an unpretentious atmosphere. We feel immediately comfortable there. The team is very welcoming, moreover, you will see them cooking under your eyes. The prices are reasonable and the menu, in the limited choice, proposes some unpublished works! To conclude, its family atmosphere and its price range is of the most pleasant and reasonable!

Where: Carrer Ciutat de Granada 44, 08005 Barcelona
When: From Thursday till Monday
Schedules: – Monday and Thursday: from 9 am till 4 pm
– Friday: from 9 am till 4:30 pm
– Saturday and Sunday: from 10 am till 4:30 pm

The brunch of Picnic

Picnic - ghat apartments

Picnic – ghat apartments

If you want a delicious lunch in the city centre, come make a tour at PICNIC! Remarkable for its bright environment and its cool aspect. His internal arrangement established by an elegant man contrasts in front of bohemian streets near the restaurant. On the other hand, I deeply recommend you to reserve a table the weekend … Otherwise, you will have to join  the waiting list. On the other hand, the address is very renowned, it is thus necessary to reserve in advance and the price range of this place is rather high.

Where: Carrer del Comerç 1, 08003 Barcelona
When: From Monday till Sunday
Schedules: – From Monday till Thursday: from 10:30 am till 4 pm
– From Tuesday to Saturday: from 8 pm till 00:30 am
– Friday: from 10:30 am till 4:30 pm
– Saturday and Sunday: from 10:30 am till 5 pm
Price: between 20 and 30€
Contact: 34 935 11 66 61

The brunch of the Fourmi

Fourmi - ghat apartments

Fourmi – ghat apartments

This coffee/bar in the district of Gràcia proposes a copious and nice brunch. It is the best value for money which we found! Its menu, between 9 and 10€, includes hot drink, toasts with jam and a dish at choice. It is a cheap address of our selection, you can taste copious dishes in a relaxed atmosphere there and this address is not very known from tourists!

Where: Carrer Milà i Fontanals 58, 08012 Barcelona
When: From Monday till Sunday
Schedules: – From Monday till Thursday: from 08:30 am till 01:30 am
– Friday: From 08:30 am till 03 am
– Saturday: From 10 am till 03 am
– Sunday: From 10 am till 01:30 am
Average prices: 10/15€
Contact: 34 932 13 30 52

The brunch of Tropico

Tropico - ghat apartments

Tropico – ghat apartments

Does an exotic brunch tempt you? Try Tropico, situated in Raval! The purpose of their company is to make you do «A journey worldwide through the flavours of tropics.» The colour is the key point of this restaurant! Their menu is understandable and they offer various types of smoothies, juice, crêpes, dishes with eggs and fruits. You will love their friendly staff and their coloured food. The best brunches are served every day between 10 am and 7 pm, be there!

Where: Carrer del Marquès de Barberà 24, 08001 Barcelona
When: From Monday till Sunday
Schedules: – From Sunday till Thursday: from 10 am till 00 am
– Friday and Saturday: from 10 am till 02 am
Average prices: 5/15€
Contact: 34 936 67 75 52


The brunch of Federal Coffee

Federal Cafe - ghat apartments

Federal Cafe – ghat apartments

Federal coffee is a small hidden jewel situated in Raval. The coffee obtained its name from a town in Australia and is recognized for its cosy, relaxed and internal style. Do not miss the Benedict egg salad or fresh cakes which are baked on site. We recommend you in particular to try their fresh juice and their smoothies!

Where: Carrer del Parlament 39, 08015 Barcelona
When: from Monday till Sunday
Schedules: – from Monday till Thursday: from 08 am till 00 am
– Friday: from 08 am till 01 am
– Saturday: from 09 am till 01 am
– Sunday: from 09 am till 5 pm
Contact: 34 931 87 36 07

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