The best museums in Barcelona

The best museums in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most important cultural capitals in the current panorama and we would love to tell you that in this article you will find the key or the heart of Barcelona’s cultural history, but it would be lying to you. What we will offer in this post, instead, will be a selection of the huge amount of museums offered by the city of Barcelona, ​​the most outstanding, because we understand that it would take much more than a vacation to visit them all. Take note, because these are the best museums in Barcelona.

museums : Picasso

Picasso Museum

The first to be recommended is the great museum par excellence of Barcelona: the National Museum of Art of Catalonia, whose doors have been open to this function since 1934 and that over the years has been expanding its large collection, ranging from the medieval art up to the Modern, passing through the Romanesque. All this, housed in the magnificent building, established in  1929 (year of the International Exhibition), of the National Palace of Montjuïc; that is, next to Plaza España (L3, L1, L8).

As a second classic we present the Picasso Museum, very important because it is who we are dealing with. It houses mainly works of its formation, and paintings like those that belong to the series of the Girls. It is located on Calle Montcada.

(L1 Arc de Triomphe, L4 Jaume I, L3 Liceo). In the same sense as this, we recommend the Miró Foundation which contains the best artistic background on Miró in the world, including some works by other contemporary authors. It is located in Montjuïc (L2, L3 Paralelo), in the building designed by Josep Lluís Sert (co-founder of GATCPAC). Also interesting is the Tapias Foundation (L3, L4 Paseo de Gracia).

If you are interested in the cultural history of Catalonia you should go through the Museum of Modernism, as apart from the buildings that can be visited on your trip to Barcelona you can also see a large collection related to this movement, ranging from furniture to sculpture and which allows us to better understand what this artistic current meant for the city. You can also visit the Casa Museu Gaudí (L3 Lesseps), where you can see objects and furniture designed by him that help you to understand his work.

For lovers of contemporary art, there are two key museums that should be visited. The first is the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), ​​which contains pieces that date from approximately the 50s to the present day; including both physical and digital media. (L2, L1 Universidad) His temporary exhibitions are usually aimed at understanding political-social movements and the relationship that art has with them. The second is the Museum of Modern Art, which contains figurative art from the 20th and 21st centuries. (L4 Jaume I)

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Not so typical museums

As the reader will know, we have just listed the best known art museums, but for those who want to enter other knowledge, the city of Barcelona has many offers in other areas:

For lovers of history we recommend the Museum of History of Barcelona, ​​which has numerous spaces through which the story of the city is reconstructed. You can also visit the Historical Archive of Barcelona, ​​where you can find documents dating from the 13th century. On a wider scale, we recommend the relatively recent Museum of World Cultures that contains pieces from multiple cultures. (L4 Jaume I)

museums : chocolate

Chocolate Museum

For science lovers, the Museum of Natural Sciences is paradise, since its exhibitions are almost always interactive and allow the public to see the scientific processes from their practical side. It also has a botanical garden. It is the ideal place to understand the world in which we live and what we do every day. It also has, with numerous temporary exhibitions, it is a suitable place to go with the family, since there are many activities for the little ones. Another museum suitable for such a case is the Museum of Mathematics of Catalonia, located in Cornellá, where both children and adults can learn from the exciting world of mathematics, And see the present that are in everyday life.

Another curious museum is the Perfume Museum, where visitors can see bottles of all ages. It is divided into two parts: the first goes from antiquity to the middle of the eighteenth century, the second part of that date until we reach our days; is an interesting museum from the historical point of view to appreciate how our taste has varied over the centuries. (L4, L2 Paseo de Gracia).

If the doctor has forbidden you the sweet, but especially the derivatives of cocoa, then the only museum in Barcelona that you cannot go to is the Chocolate Museum, because there, in the old Convent of San Agustín, you will immerse yourself in a journey that extends from the origins of chocolate in the Mayan and Aztec cultures to the now where chocolate is conceived as a source of inspiration in art and culture. And, of course, you will find a coffee shop that is actually a temple to temptation.


Museum dedicated to the Barcelona Futbol Team

For lovers of football is the Museum of Football Club Barcelona. Located in the Camp Nou facilities, at the Camp Nou Experience Museum you can see not only the trophies won by the club throughout its history, but other objects that ended up being of cult for the fans of the blaugrana team.

Have fun in this large and varied list of museums, learn as much as we did, but above all come back to visit us because this has just begun and the city of Barcelona is much more than vacations and museums, it’s life, it’s culture , it is movement and constant evolution.

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