The best parks and gardens in Barcelona

The best parks and gardens in Barcelona

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Parks are areas of vital importance for an urban core. They do not only provide the green space in the middle of moles of cement, but serve as meeting places for relaxation and recreation. Nothing better to disconnect you enter a park with a good vegetation that protects us from the noise and the agitation.

Barcelona is not there to stand out as a city, exemplary in terms of the availability of green spaces per square kilometers between European cities (read Malmö, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Hamburg …), but has a network Of park sufficiently big to be able to offer resting corners its inhabitants.

The park of Montjuïc

The two most popular parks in Barcelona are Ciutadella and Parc Güell, the first for its historical value, size and location, and the second for its cultural and tourist value. But Barcelona has other parks that are value and revision to classify them according to their characteristics.

El parque de la Ciutadella en Barcelona es un gran pulmón verde que los fines de semana recibe la visita de centenares de turistas y habitantes de la ciudad

The Ciutadella park

Historic parks and gardens 

The origin of many historic parks in Barcelona dates back to the 18th century gardens, most of which were modified from the mid-19th and early 20th centuries. The importance of these spaces is their witness value over time. Some of the historic parks of the city of Barcelona are the labyrinth of Horta Park, Pedralbes Palace and Can Sentmenat Gardens.

The labyrinth of Horta park

Thematic parks 

They are dedicated to certain species of flora, so that they are essential in the informative and educational field. The theme parks of Barcelona are the gardens of Mossen Verdaguer Cint, dedicated to rhizome, aquatic and bulbous plants; The gardens of Mossèn Costa i Llobera, specializing in cacti and succulents; And Rosaleda de Cervantes.

Urban gardens

They are the most numerous and are equipped for all sections of the population. They are the closest and used by the inhabitants of the city. They usually have spaces for sports and green areas where you can enjoy a picnic. Among the most important urban parks we can count the gardens of Joan Brossa, Trinitat Park, Diagonal Mar Park and the industrial park of Espanya.

Park Güell

Forestry gardens 

Usually they are located on the outskirts of cities and are great. Usually, they have paths that meander the vegetation. In Barcelona, the most popular forest parks are Collserola and Montjuïc, but we can also count on Turó de la Peira and Guinardó.

Now that you know everything about the best parks in Barcelona, you have no excuse to contact the nature of your surroundings and moreover, if you like good company, it’s much better!


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