The best spas of Barcelona

The best spas of Barcelona

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Rituels of Orient

Rituels d'Orient - ghat apartments

Rituels d’Orient – ghat apartments

This traditional hammam offers a wide choice of cares, massages and removals of hair with caramel for men and women. Let go yourself in the pleasures of the hammam, the exfoliating scrub in the soft soap and the envelope in the rhassoul, rejuvenating and energizing care for the face, and other body care in the oriental flavours: honey, mint, argan… Very close to the avenue Josep Tarradellas, the intense sounds of Diagonal disappear to give way to this haven of peace: aromas of pink, two saunas of 37 and 46 degrees and a circuit of water which will make wonders.

Where: Carrer Loreto 50, 08029 Barcelona
Schedules: – Tuesday: 11h / 21h
– On Wednesday: 11h / 21h
– On Thursday: 11h / 22h
– On Friday: 11h / 22h
– On Saturday: 11h / 22h
– On Sunday: 11h / 21h
Contact: +34 934 191 472
Web site:

Area Of Barcelona

Area de Barcelona - ghat apartments

Area de Barcelona – ghat apartments

Born, got back to the tradition from the period of the Arabic public baths with Area of Barcelona which welcomes you in an oriental concept. Steam bath, water tepid, cold and hot water and a massage on moderate marble.

Where: Paseo Picasso 22, 08003 Barcelona
Schedules: Opened every day (excepted on December 25th and January 1st in the morning) from 9 am till 11 pm, Friday and Saturday 00 hours
Contact: +34 932 955 743
Web site:

AquaBliss Fish Spa

AquaBliss Fish Spa - ghat apartments

AquaBliss Fish Spa – ghat apartments

A totally different universe but just as much soothing, AquaBliss Fish Spa is specialized in it «fish pedicuriste» and «fish manicure», practice consisting in plunging its feet and hands into tubs filled with small fishes called Garla Rufa, who are quite going to absorb the dead skins. In addition to this, the centre proposes complete manicures and pedicures as well as a wide range of massages, facial skincare, peeling and offers even drinks.

Where: Calle Comtal 33, 08002 Barcelona
Contact: +34 933 023 540
Schedules: – from Monday to Saturday: 11h / 21h
– Sunday: 12h / 20h
Web site:


 Bangkok Healthy Spa

Bangkok Healthy Spa - ghat apartments

Bangkok Healthy Spa – ghat apartments

Go off to explore the Thai culture in Catalunya. The institute proposes a whole range of Thai care going from the most traditional to the most original. Discover the Thai massages, envelope of decontracted plants, aromatherapy, essential oil, Balinese and Swedish massages, plants reflexology and also classic massage: head back shoulders, to  your muscles after a long day.

Where: Rossell ó, 415
Such: +34 934 581 844
Web site:






Metropolitan Sagrada Familia

Metropolitan Sagrada Familia - ghat apartments

Metropolitan Sagrada Familia – ghat apartments

Would you have imagined that water spots are the biggest incentive for one to exercise? Jacuzzis, hammams, saunas… The number of options which offers this spa makes it one of the best of the city.

Where: Provença, 408
Contact: +34 935 073 325
Web site:



Confort Center Quiromassatge

Confort Center Quiromassatge - ghat apartments

Confort Center Quiromassatge – ghat apartments

This institute proposes any sorts of massages and care exercised by real professionals in a smart, simple and relaxing frame. Here you will have the possibility to do you massage on all the parts of your body, going from the simple relaxation to more intense massages which can relieve pains, they also propose massages in hot stones, with four hands, aromatherapy and even exfoliating gummings (ideal front and/or after a sun top).

Where: Avinguda de Mistral 51, 08015 Barcelona
Contact: +34 931 621 788
Schedules: from Monday to Saturday: 10h / 21h
Web site:


Bali Spirit Spa Lounge

Bali Spirit Spa Lounge - ghat apartments

Bali Spirit Spa Lounge – ghat apartments

Bali Spirit is a lounge spa which has the peculiarity to transport his customers in all the magic of Asia thanks to its music, the art of the Asian detail and its smells. The centre proposes baths in flowers, massages…

Where: Carrer Aribau 59, 08001 Barcelona
Contact: +34 934 517 085
Web site:




Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental - ghat apartments

Mandarin Oriental – ghat apartments

Oasis of peace of mind at the heart of Barcelona, it is doubtless the most serene space of the city centre. The spa benefits from a quiet location at the bottom of their hotel. You can find the balance of your body, your soul and your spirit there. Having discovered their private treatment room, you will get loose from the outside world and will begin your experience of total relaxation. Your care shall begin then in the soft sound of the Tibetan cymbals.

Where: Passeig de Gracia 38-40, 08007 Barcelona
Contact: +34 931 518 888
Schedules: from Monday till Sunday: of 10 hours at 9 pm
Web site:


Aqua Urban Spa

Aqua Urban Spa - ghat apartments

Aqua Urban Spa – ghat apartments

Decoration, care, and equipment: they pay attention on everything of their urban spa in Barcelona to offer a global and exclusive concept of well-being for the men and for the women. Their system is based on the combination of techniques of hydrotherapy and massages, treatments of aesthetics and devices last generation. In Aqua Urban Spa you will find the widest range of services for the well-being, from the thermal courses and the massages up to the specific processings against the pain, for the pregnant women, the treatments of relaxation, facial or anti-ageing hygiene.

Where: Gran de Gracia 7, 08012 Barcelona
Contact: +34 932 384 160
Web site:

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