The nine most romantic places in the world

The nine most romantic places in the world

Experts in love say that anywhere is romantic if the company is right. It may be true, but also is the fact that the environment is essential to generate a tuning attraction and intimacy. In this month of Love and Friendship, we give you a guide to some of the most romantic places the world.

By Felipe Villa de la Torre

Kyoto and its weeping cherry trees (Japan)

kyoto angNot only because it is the city with highest cultural richness of Japan, or by its fine cuisine and its ancient Buddhist temples, but because the enigmatic city of Kyoto offers visitors one of the most persecuted cityscapes by the lovers: the cherry blossom. Since the beginning of the Heian dynasty (794-1185), the most anticipated event is the Japanese spring and the blooming of these beautiful trees, an event that is so ingrained in the culture and pride of this city that some trees in particular are almost famous and revered, like the young Gion Shidare Sakura in Maruyama park. This tree, barely 80 years old, stands for its beauty among the 680 cherry trees of different varieties around him.


Love below zero in the ice hotel (Sweden)

hotel angCouples from around the world come every year to the small Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi, just 200 km from the Arctic circle to swear eternal love in his particular church of ice. The chapel is part of Ishotellet (Ice Hotel in Swedish), which in October of each year, begin build dozens of sculptors with ice sheets to the severed frozen Torne river. The temperature inside the hotel usually does not exceed – 5 ° C (outside the hotel, in winter, the average varies between -15 and -30 ° C). But do not worry if you want to spend the night in the Ice Hotel, because employees will give all the recommendations needed to survive between the ice walls, which really are amazing works of art.


Venice or the peaceful paddling of gondoliers (Italy)

venise angVenice is the city of love by excellence. It is impossible draw a list of the most romantic places the world excluding the city of canals. Everything that surrounds is so perfect, so ideal for lovers, even become a cliché. If Paris is the Citylight, Venice is the Capital of Love. The gondolas gliding gently over the waters of its canals, the fog in the winter dawn down and kiss the oars of the gondoliers, the preciousness of its Baroque and Renaissance buildings, the dreamy sunsets that are enjoyed from its bridges, the Piazza San Marco challenging with all its splendor over time, the mystery of the quietest and hidden alleys …

Istanbul, unique in the world (Turkey)

turquie angThose who have seen their dawns from a terrace, feeling the lazy hum of the city waking up with the singing of the muezzin calling to prayer; who have gone into its colorful bazaars; who have discovered a sunset on banks of the Bosphorus; who visited on foot the oldest part, buildings that magically come to gather the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman histories; or who have explored riding horse some of the Prince islands emerging from the sea of Marmara; who have experienced the relaxation taking a tea in a Çay Bahçesi (tea garden), away from the bustle of the city; those who have lived these experiences in Istanbul, capital of Turkey, know that this is, without doubt, one of the most romantic cities in the world.  

Rajasthan, the most exotic India (India)

inde angFor many travelers, Rajasthan is India in its most exotic form. This border department in southern Pakistan, which is smaller than Paraguay but with more people than Colombia, offers many possibilities to its visitors that need weeks to cover some of them. Explore the three most emblematic cities: Jaipur, known as the Pink City; Jodhpur, the Blue City; and Udaipur, the White City. Each with monuments, ancient forts and palaces of great architectural value. Ride a camel on the dunes of Thar Desert, and then let the evening envelop you in a tented camp luxury, lying on exquisite carpets of the region, under the wide sky filled with stars.


Tahiti, paradise made ​​island (French Polynesia)

tahiti angIdyllic island? Tahiti, without a doubt! Located  south of the Pacific Ocean, the largest island French Polynesia crystallizes the dream of any couple who want to dive into a landscape pristine beaches and sedate. It is Fantasy Island for lovers who want a peaceful honeymoon.


We will always have Paris (France)

Paris angParis is the romantic city already sounds like a platitude, but no longer a reality. Not only discover the obvious places of the French capital, including the Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Seine River, but walk through the less touristy neighborhoods where small shops abound more than human beings. Well knew Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) when he starred in one of the most famous stag film : “We will always have Paris” he whispered to his beloved Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman).


The imperial city of Fez (Morocco)

Maroc angArguably it is the cultural and spiritual heart of Morocco. Fez remains the most complete and natural medieval Islamic settlement of the world. It smells, sounds and constructions stimulate the senses. Delving into its labyrinthine streets, skirting its magnificent walls or just walking in the medina of Fez el-Bali, the largest pedestrian area the world, are some of the activities that lovers carried out in this imperial city.

The charm of the Greek islands (Greece)

Grèce angFind the perfect beach holding hands, or one of those sunsets that leave speechless, or cross the threshold of a traditional tavern seaside or sail from island to island dazzled by the immaculate white of its buildings, any of these plans remain in the memory of the lovers until death separates them.


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