Barcelona, capital of Catalonia in Spain is a super place for holidaymakers; First and foremost, it welcomes more than 18 million visitors a year out of the 82 million who visit the country. It became the 5th most touristic city in Europe after London, Paris, Rome, and Crete. It is a destination rich in cultural heritage and tourist discoveries. We can add warm temperatures all year long. That is the reason why we are going to give you the top 5 things to do in Barcelona this summer 2019 !

1. La Casa Batlló

La casa Battló is a building made by the architect Antoni Gaudi, the iconic figure of the Catalan modernism. Begin your holidays in pluging into the world of the Great Gaudi with the Casa Battló ! He is the designer of big buildings in Barcelona for example the Sagrada Familia, the Guell Park, and especially Casa Battló. It is a famous building created and designed by Antoni Gaudi between 1904 and 1906 which is located at the center of Barcelone. It has a unique architectural style and is known locally as «Casa Dels Ossos» which means the bones House in Catalan because of its skeletal appearance. Throughout your visit, you will have the opportunity to search the original nooks and crannies that Gaudi had created in this house.

Rates: Adults + 18 years between 25 and 37 euros.

9: 00-21: 00

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2. Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña

The Beauty MNAC in Barcelona. ¡Come to visit us!

The Beauty MNAC in Barcelona. ¡Come to visit us!

For lovers of Gothic art, it is impossible not to visit the National Museum of Catalan Art in Barcelona. Covered by a sumptuous palace, it is located above Montjuïc Hill. The museum includes all types of works of art such as sculptures, paintings and frescoes that date from the 11th to the 20th century. With 50,000 m2, every detail counts. Its facades are worked, the ornament of its ceilings is breath-taking without mentioning its colourful cupolas. The architecture has been inspired by other buildings such as the great cupola of St. Peter of the Vatican for its four towers, by those of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The MNAC c is waiting for you this summer!

How to get there:

3. Las Ramblas

or Rambla are unmissable in Barcelona! They are known as the lungs and especially the most famous places of the city. Stroll along the 1km200 Rambla connects Port Vell to the far south with the Catalunya Square at the far north. It brings together all kinds of activities. For example, if you come from the Port towards the Plaza de Catalunya on the Rambla, you can see the Gothic Quarter where its narrow streets and small squares perfectly illustrate its medieval past of the city thanks to its churches, palaces and apartments. In addition it includes all types of activities. Restaurants, fast food, shops of all kinds, the Rambla will suit you and that at any age.

Bonus. La Boquería is known as the best market in the world full of flavors and products of all kinds! If you go there, your taste buds will not be disappointed with the trip!


La Rambla has 3 L3 metro stations. Drassanes, Liceu and Placa de Catalunya.

4. Park Guell

Park Guell  is an emblematic space of the city of Barcelona. It is composed by gardens and architectural elements, inspired by nature. Wavy shapes, columns that could be confused with trees, geometric shapes and animal figures; Gaudi has been there! The visit to Barcelona, without having made a tour in Guell Park is not a complete visit! A fantastic spectacle for the eyes since it is in the upper part of the city it allows to have a panoramic view in the park.

5. La Barceloneta

The Barceloneta Beach with Sant Sebastian are the largest and oldest beaches of Barceloneta. Indulge in the sun or dive your feet in the hot sand, and off you can enjoy! You can also enjoy good seafood on the terraces of traditional restaurants or tapas bars. Finally, it is a place perfectly suited to all! As a couple, with family or friends, come and discover this heavenly setting without any moderation!
In short, Barcelona is a perfect city to visit! It is very rich in cultural and historical heritage, thanks to its museums, gardens, monuments and is still booming economically. The Catalan capital has not finished to impress you! Many tourists come to this place to enjoy and discover the riches hidden in this country. We hope to see you there soon. Here is the website for bookings in Barcelona here.

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