TOP 5: What to do in October in Barcelona?

TOP 5: What to do in October in Barcelona?

You will think that the summer is over, the activities end or that only the Halloween party will be what you can live and only at the end of the month, but you are wrong, we take it very seriously to enjoy and live the stays in Barcelona taking full advantage of your Agenda and unique spaces, today at Ghat Apartments, we bring a special where we will highlight unforgettable activities in Barcelona, ​​for all tastes that complement your happy stay in Barcelona:

Agenda in Barcelona

Major Festival of the Rambla

If in summer you could not join us at the La Mercé festival, among other unforgettable events in Barcelona, ​​the great Rambla still has a lot of magic to transmit, you can live one of the most outstanding events remembered by those attending the city of Barcelona: “La Rambla en flor ”, in which you will observe more than thirty buildings of the most emblematic buildings on the avenue adorned and with open doors, to fill your day with color and energy, and on Saturday morning the floral action will take place“ A flower, a wish ”, where you will see that a huge mesh net is filled with roses of different colors, Come and put yours, of course having clear where you will stay!

How, when and where? La Rambla, from 05 to 11/10/2019.

Barcelona International Walk 2019

As we know the edition of the previous year was a success, and this year we will prepare to walk the city even more (famous for its inventive architectural walking), in 20,30,40 km itineraries, the unbelievers can fall in love with every corner Without losing detail, filling our minds with memories and memorable situations, you are still in time to register and tour the Catalan capital, more info here.

How, when and where? From different points of the city, on October 5 and 6, 2019.

«Prehistories. Catalonia before Catalonia ”

And well, for those who want to learn where we come from, get inspired and get to know the roots of the Catalan people in their visit to Barcelona, ​​we have the ideal plan that the Archeology Museum brings us; A sample of the origins of Homo sapiens, social, agricultural and economic development to solve the primitive communities at the same time, that the evolution of the utensils, constructions, which, finally, would start the humanity we know now, interesting true?

How, when and where? Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya, Permanent Act.

Barcelona International Jazz Festival

One of the most famous festivals and desired by lovers of good music, a world reference in the genre, this year will feature a great poster, free concerts, master classes, conferences, meetings with artists, among thousands of other experiences.

How, when and where? Check their spaces here, on 19 and 20/11/2019.

‘Messi 10’, del Cirque du Soleil

The shocking world of magic, fantasy and acrobats, merge with the most watched sport in the world and one of its greatest representatives, Lionel Messi, paying tribute to the football star and allowing us to observe his passion and dedication from the point of The illusion and fantasy.

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