What to do in the summer of 2019 in Sitges?

What to do in the summer of 2019 in Sitges?

You will be happy to be in Barcelona, ​​we know it! But also, that sometimes you want to escape to other spaces, we propose Sitges; But what to do in the summer of 2019 in Sitges? Well, first Sitges is a city located 35 km from Barcelona. This explains why the inhabitants of Barcelona decide to make a weekend getaway, enjoy and be able to choose from the 17 beaches and you can join this plan. The tranquility and the small sizes of the beaches make them private. It will be necessary to pay attention to the sun because there is no natural shade, especially during the hot summer months you should have a excellent accommodation in Sitges  and fresh water, sunglasses, sunscreen, and umbrella will be the most important accessories to enjoy one more of the corners of paradise. Let’s enjoy Sitges as it should be!

Some of the beautiful beaches that you will see in this destination.

Sitges is a port city. It is near the sea and has more than 17 beaches! Of course, paddleboarding and surfing are exciting activities and especially very adaptable for this place. During your stay, enjoy the beautiful climate and the sea air, all in the comfort of our apartments. In addition, the School offers courses for all ages.

The white fisherman’s houses

are located near the sea and are accessible without leaving the old city . Before, the houses of the fishermen were different and they were distinguished with the white color of their fronts. That’s why no other building is painted white. However, they have found other shades of white to differentiate themselves socially. Today, there is a change. If you visit this place, you can admire its charm that comes from the palette of different white colors that overlap the fronts of the houses, with touches of blue simply beautiful to watch while you walk and you fall in love with a few of Sitges.

Museo Cau Ferrat, Sitges.

Cau Ferrat Museum

Without a doubt, the most important museum in Sitges. In fact, Rusiñol, the head of modernism in Catalonia charges in his studio for the works of Picasso, Greco or other artists . Also, we can see that the walls that have the museum are painted in the same blue color that the courtyards of the fishermen’s houses, giving everyone an air of feeling part of all the areas of the city. We nicknamed the museum of the «Temple of modernism», what do you expect to come and discover the museum and its various art objects? Different plans, quiet and different offers Sitges!

The Garraf Natural

Park is a little-known place for Sitges visitors. In fact, this green area next to Sitges is a paradise for nature lovers. Hiking, caving or mountaineering are the best ways to enjoy wildlife, flora and landscape. The landscape is typically Mediterranean with specific climatic vegetation. The park is accessible by car, on foot or by bicycle. This is the ideal place to exercise. & nbsp;

Finally, there is a lot of physical and cultural activity that you can do in Sitges, besides being a territory that is very easy to know and fall in love with after visiting its beaches, having dinner or watching the sunset and finally: How about resting after jogging in our apartments located in Sitges? Make Sitges an experience that you can never get out of the best experiences.

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