What to do? : July in Barcelona.

What to do? : July in Barcelona.

This month Barcelona is bursting with events, presentations, festivals and concerts, today Ghat Apartments brings you what to do? : July in Barcelona; a top of different events for all tastes that will be from the middle of this month determinants in the most important stages of the city:

July 17: Full Moon meditation: Free in Barcelona
This is a meeting point for people of different paths and religions who pray for the main intention: spiritual growth and world peace.
You will perform different breathing tasks to raise your level of consciousness, seeking beyond the limit of the human mind Take the time to come and live another experience in Barcelona, to enter into deep contemplation about yourself and enter your emotional body and your true self.

July 17: Jazz & Blues sessions

The Jazz & Blues Sessions are one of the best ways to enjoy the afternoon of Wednesday at our Mimosa’s Garden in the most diverse city in Spain. Do not miss the opportunity to listen to excellent music while enjoying an author’s cocktail and tapas.
We share the programming so you can schedule the date that best suits your schedule until the month of August.

03/07 | Chinese Swingslide
10/07 | Berta Sala & Jan Domènech
17/07 | The Blues Prisoners
07/24 | Carla Sunday
07/31 | Carla Motis & Vignesh Melwani

07/08 | Chinese Swingslide
14/08 | Johnny Big Stone & Sweet Marta
08/21 | Brian O’Mahony
08/28 | Cristian Moya & Chino Swingslide

Sónar Festival 2019 GHAT APARTMENTS

Sónar Festival 2019 GHAT APARTMENTS

July 18: Sónar Barcelona 2019

The Sónar Festival is the biggest summer festival that is not possible to miss in Barcelona, this festival is expected all year round by locals and people from all over the world.

Since its creation in 1994, Sónar is one of the most important music festivals in Europe, Sónar’s programming is divided into two parts: day and night, which offers two types of environments.

In the day more calm and at night as it is to be expected for its assistants and much more exuberant onlookers, Sónar is not only a music festival, it is also a festival that proposes interactive and avant-garde exhibitions focused on digital arts, more information about the Sónar Festival in our blog.

Major Party La Raposa 2019

Major Party La Raposa 2019

From July 20 to 27 : Major Party La Raposa 2019

Activities throughout the day, from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., organized by various neighborhood entities.
La Raposa organizes the FieraFest Second edition, an exhibition of workshops, crafts and other mysteries made by women.

There will be trashvestidor and, obviously, vegan food and drink all afternoon and night.

Kickboxing and self-defense workshop, Presentation of the book «Acá soy la que se went», poetry and sound art, drums and dances cantaos of the Colombian Caribbean, pingpong championship and table football for all ages.

Fiesta Mayor del Poble Sec 2019

Fiesta Mayor del Poble Sec 2019

From July 20 to 25: Popular Festival of Poble Sec

To prepare the body, which comes the Fiesta Mayor of Poble Sec 2019, the most tropical of Barcelona and surroundings, for this great party the novelty will be the union of forces since they have joined the Cultural Associations of the neighborhood and will mount a very serious fiestón !
The Associations Jam Circus, Porta Roja Associació Cultural i Gastronómica and ESPAI AGÔ. will be in charge on July 20 and 21 in the Park of the 3 Chimneys with a huge line up and on July 22 and 23 in the mythical Plaza del Sortidor!

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