SITGES | 52 International Festival of Fantastic Cinema of Catalonia.

SITGES | 52 International Festival of Fantastic Cinema of Catalonia.

Finally, the season returns at SITGES of the 52 International Festival of Fantastic Cinema of Catalonia for all lovers of the seventh art, it is the year of innovation, new trends, technologies, terror, music and many but many films for all tastes, ages and countries!

From October 3 to 13, Sitges promises to surprise all its attendees with an agenda full of activities around the festival, which to enjoy you must take into account the amount of: exhibitions, workshops, talks, gastronomic activities, free air screenings Free and contests, among others, in turn, retake the initial idea of ​​the festival where fantasy is the raw material.

Famous for his taste for irreverence, fantasy, terror or science fiction, The Sitges festival always defies conventions year after year with more imaginative, more daring proposals, in this year it will be accompanied by new technologies as augmented reality, Streamming, among others that to enjoy, you need calm.

In turn, this year focuses on paying tribute to the kings of science fiction, the creators of suspense films and praising great works, you can also find the Fantastic Street Art graffiti competition, an activity that is organized to stimulate the cultural and artistic spirit of youth.

The Sitges festival does not breathe: it will screen up to 35 titles to the contest, the work of old wolves and novices, framed in the most diverse genres. Some of the tapes that you can see as ‘Color out of space’ O ‘Samurai marathon’, O ‘Le daim’, Quentin Dupieux’s last absurd delirium. Or ‘The lodge’, likely confirmation of the Veronica Franz / Severin Fiala tandem. Everything, everything special you will live in Catalonia.

Having awarded no less than five Grand Honorary Awards in its 2018 edition, the festival of revolutions falls and this year will deliver a unique extraordinary award to Sam Neill, a tanned actor in all genres, but with a particularly stimulating presence in terror, the ‘thriller’ and the adventure, from ‘Jurassic Park’ to ‘The Hunt for Red October’, passing, of course, by ‘The possession’.

So, live the film festival in one of the most interesting, picturesque and unique cities in Spain by booking your stay with experts and that the only horror episode you see is that the festival brings you!

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