Top 5: Cool activities in June for Barcelona

Top 5: Cool activities in June for Barcelona

Barcelona is the dream destination for tourists. A great cultural heritage, warm temperatures all year, the nearby beach with its many events, all to have a good holiday and this from June when the summer is already the tip of his nose. It will be possible for you to enjoy the Catalan capital in a few days, so Ghat Apartments give to you  the Top 5: Cool activities in June for Barcelona.

This means that it is possible to venture into this wonderful city in June. We have put together a program of 5 events to live in Barcelona if you are around during this period, that is to say from June to September. What you have fun for this summer period 2019. There is something for everyone, so to your diaries!


Top 5: Cool activities in June for Barcelona

1.The 2019 edition of Music in Parks from May 31, 2019

Every year in Barcelona there is the cycle of Music, which begins on May 31 this year. Indeed, it begins May 31 at 21:00 in the park of Barceloneta. You can visit the Fabrique du Soleil, which is a reference point in Barcelona whose mission is to extend the culture of sustainable development throughout the city.

As for the closing concert of Music in the Parks will take place in the most emblematic park of Barcelona, Park Güell, on August 30 at 21:00. You will, therefore, be able to access Parc Guëll and listen to the music of the WOM’S Collective group, which aims to bring together and unite female musical talents (Girl Power!)

The year 2019 will be special since it will inaugurate its new park named Glòries which will welcome 2 concerts.


Verbena in Spanish means any type of party celebrated in the open air and nights and especially where music is the main activity. There are plenty of them in Barcelona, especially Saint-Jean, where another element is essential: fire. Great pyres, fireworks, firecrackers, torches, this is essential to the event. Finally, gastronomy is an essential element in the celebration in the Spanish villages. It is, therefore, the night of June 23 to 24. It is possible to celebrate this event everywhere, including Barcelona. What do you say to light a torch at the verbena of Ciutadella Park?

3. Magical evenings in Casa Batlló

Enjoy the Dragon Terrace this summer which will become the most elegant backdrop of this sumptuous city!

Eventos imperdibles en junio


Come live the most intimate, fresh and distinguished evening at the top of Gaudí’s architectural jewel. Immerse yourself in the world of Gaudí thanks to the augmented reality of the Smartguide, and discover at night the roof of the splendid Casa Batlló to vibrate to the sound of a live music concert. Choose the concert that will make you feel the summer and enjoy two drinks and toast to a wonderful summer night. Visit Casa Batlló and end with an outdoor concert with views of the city.

4. Sónar Festival, Barcelona

Sonar Festival is a musical event that spans 3 days. It brings together djs and artists from around the world (eg Disclosure, Kaytrenada) Sonar is a world-renowned festival, it is a perfect illustration of electronic music, bringing together the most established artists and emerging talents in all areas of the world. music and audiovisual production. It will begin on the 18th and will extend until the 20th of July included.



5.Festa Major De Gracia

If you think Barcelona is one of the best places to visit in Spain, you will be amazed to see the colors of this summer festival. The whole of Gracia neighborhood comes together and splash artsy colors all around to compete for and win for the most extravagant decor. Apart from this, there are also parades, acrobats, and fireworks on the streets. Witnessing this mind-boggling creativity in every corner of the world, you’re sure to be transported to a different world. So, do not miss out on this or other Spanish festivals at any cost!

Finally, if you want to participate in these activities, and want to be accommodated by us, we have to rent apartments in Barcelona click here.

You are ready to enjoy the shows, festivities, and activities of Barcelona. You will find  5 PLACES TO HAVE A PICNIC IN BARCELONA.



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