Sónar Festival 2019

Sónar Festival 2019

This year the Sónar Festival 2019 , will be held from 18 to 20 July 2019, this year is the 26th edition of the festival.

Sónar Festival 2019.

The Sónar Festival is the biggest summer festival that can not be missed in Barcelona , this festival is expected all year round by locals and people from all over the world .

Since its creation in 1994, Sónar is one of the most important music festivals in Europe, Sónar’s programming is divided into two parts: day and night, which offers two types of environments.

In the most calm and at night time, as is to be expected for its attendees and more exuberant onlookers, Sónar is not only a music festival, it is also a festival that proposes focused interactive and avant-garde exhibitions to the digital arts.

To understand a little more, Sónar de dia has concerts, showcases and Sónar + D is located in Fira Montjuic and you can access to it by the usual bus and metro services of the city; The Night Sónar has concerts where the most impotent names of the music scene are present as well as the new talents, in turn it is performed with little distinction of the city ​​in Fira Gran Via de L’Hospitalet you can access the bus, train or cars, that allows easy access to the festival.

Sónar Festival 2018.

Sónar + D proposes a choice of activities for the different creative communities , with training sessions in different disciplines, exchanges of ideas aimed at creativity, technology and innovation .

Since its creation, the festival has been considered as the link between creativity and technology, as a global event and a meeting place for different disciplines and creative communities from around the world. At the festival, it is possible to drink and eat thanks to the bars and fast food offering a wide variety of options. Payments are made thanks to a bracelet system, «Sonar Cashless» , where you need to put money in them to buy things during the festival. Since 2002, Sonar festival, is not only present in Spain, but all over the world.

Laurent Garnier. Sónar Festival 2018.

Laurent Garnier. Sónar Festival 2018.

There are Sonar entries for day, night and VIP tickets.

The entry for a day on average has a cost of 60 euros; the entrance for one night cost 80 euros, for two nights cost 135 euros; the entrance for a VIP night costs 115 euros, for two 195 euros; the subscription to be able to access the Sónar de dia as at night costs 195 euros, finally the VIP subscription costs 315 euros.

To rest and prepare before enjoying the festival to the fullest, always remember to have good allies, where your only concern is not to miss any artist, to enjoy Barcelona as you should not forget to choose where to stay happy in Barcelona. 

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